Agra Couple’s fight over “₹5 kurkure” : lead to Divorce

A couple in Tajnagari is divorcing over a small argument about a ₹5 packet of Kurkure chips.
A couple in Tajnagari is divorcing over a small argument about a ₹5 packet of Kurkure chips.

A couple in Agra, India, fought over a ₹5 snack, leading to a divorce case. The husband claimed his wife left after he refused to buy her the snack, while the wife accused him of domestic abuse.The individuals involved were a girl from Shahganj police station and a boy from Sadar police station, who tied the knot in 2023 Dr. Satish Kiwar, a Family Relationship Counselor, expressed bewilderment at this unconventional approach. An unusual case unfolded in Agra.

What was the reason behind couple’s fight in Agra ?

A girl alleged that her husband, physically abused her. The boy’s defense was simple: he mentioned that she got upset over a packet of crisps he was eating and didn’t share with her, leading her to leave for her mother’s place. He found it absurd to fight over a snack and advised his wife against such behavior.

What were the accusations made by the wife against her husband ?

In response to queries, the girl explained that she left because of the abuse and lack of financial support from her husband. She highlighted that he refused to provide money for her expenses, insisting she manage on her own. The argument over crisps escalated, with the girl’s fondness for them being a point of contention. The boy claimed they were his father’s crisps, triggering a household dispute culminating in the girl seeking refuge at her mother’s house.

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Both parties were counseled with the hope of reconciliation during their next meeting. The marriage ceremony between the girl from Shahganj and the boy from Sadar was conducted with traditional customs in 2023. Despite initially leading a harmonious life, conflicts arose due to the wife’s excessive consumption of crunchy snacks, leading to dissatisfaction and eventual separation.