Dhruv Rathee vs MODI? Is dhruv rathee is a congress supporter? Dhuv video … indians were fooled

Dhruv Rathee vs MODI ? Is dhruv rathee is a congress supporter? Dhuv video … indians were fooled

“With the last few weeks, Dhruv Rathee has been making a lot of videos in which he criticizes Narendra Modi in many ways. Dhruv Rathee is a YouTuber in India who is very popular for his case study and educational videos. Dhruv Rathee specifically said in his videos that he is not a supporter of any party.”

list of last videos which was published on her channel angainst narendre modi –

1 – { Reality of Narendra Modi | How Indians were Fooled! }

2- { How Millions of Indians were BRAINWASHED? | The WhatsApp Mafia }

3 – { Electoral Bonds Scam: The Pharma Files }

4 – { Arvind Kejriwal Jailed! | DICTATORSHIP Confirmed? }

5 – { Is India becoming a DICTATORSHIP?Chandigarh Elections | Farmers Protest }

In the above videos, dhruv rathee critisized that there are a lot of scams going on in central government. In an interview with ‘The Deshbhakt , Dhruv Rathi expressed concerns that unless the current situation changes, India might follow the path of Russia where people cannot speak openly against Putin.

When Akash Banerjee of Deshabhakt YouTube channel questioned, “If you’re in a burning car, do you stay or get out?” Dhruva’s response was clear: you must first exit the vehicle. Afterward, consider the next steps.

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