NTA Announces January 2024 SWAYAM Semester Exam Results: Check Your Scores Now!

An over the shoulder view of a mature student taking a written exam in a language class.

SWAYAM Exam Results Out, The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the results for the SWAYAM exams of January 2024. Students who attended the exams can check their results on the NTA’s official website.

• The exams happened on May 18, 19, 26, and 27, 2024.

• They were held in 279 places across 248 cities.

• About 77,467 students signed up, and 64,846 actually took the exams.

• The exams were for 451 different subjects, mostly in English.

There were two types of exams: one on the computer and one with both computer and paper.For the computer-only exams, 396 subjects were tested, and 75,354 students signed up.For the mixed exams, 55 subjects were tested, and 2,113 students signed up.

Right now, only the results for the computer-only exams are ready.The results for the mixed exams will be ready soon.

How to Check Your Results:

Step 1 – Go to the NTA’s SWAYAM website at exams.nta.ac.in/SWAYAM.

Stepl 2 – Log in with your application number or email to see your results.

The NTA will give out the final scores and certificates.If you have questions, you can email swayam@nta.ac.in or call the help desk.

The SWAYAM program is a government project to help students learn online. Now that the results are out, students can move forward with their studies and careers.

Keep checking the NTA’s SWAYAM website for more information.