NEET 2024: NTA Refutes Claims Regarding Aayushi Patel’s Torn OMR Sheet Case

Ayushi Patel, a student from Lucknow, thought she would get 715 marks out of 720 on the NEET exam. But the National Testing Agency (NTA) didn’t release her results when they were supposed to. Ayushi made a video that many people watched on social media. In it, she said there were mistakes in her exam results. She said the NTA told her they couldn’t give her a score because her answer sheet was torn.

The NTA quickly said that wasn’t true. They said on June 10, 2024, that no torn answer sheets were sent from their official email. NTA said Ayushi’s answers were all there and the scores were right.

The NTA also told students to only use their official website to get their scores. They said this because some people thought the NTA was giving extra marks to some students unfairly.

Ayushi, whose father owns a small medical store, has asked the court in Lucknow to not release the NEET results until her answer sheet is checked properly.

This issue has made people talk about whether the NTA is fair and open. Everyone is waiting to see what will happen with Ayushi’s request and what the NTA will do next