No Jail for Kulwinder Kaur: The Misleading Photo That Fooled the Internet

Fact Check: The Truth About Kulwinder Kaur’s Picture Related to Chandigarh airport case

A picture that’s been shared a lot on social media shows Kulwinder Kaur, a security officer, in jail for supposedly slapping the actress Kangana Ranaut. But, this picture isn’t real; someone changed it with a computer.

What Happened at Chandigarh Airport

The whole thing started when Kangana Ranaut, who just became a politician for the BJP party, said that Kulwinder Kaur slapped her at the airport. This was after Ranaut made some comments about women who were protesting in Punjab.

The Picture That Went Viral

The picture that showed Kaur in jail got popular online. It made it look like she was put in jail because of what happened with Ranaut. But, fact-checkers found out that the picture was fake.

What Really Happened to Kulwinder Kaur

Kaur was actually suspended from her job, but she wasn’t put in jail. The fake picture was probably made to make the story seem more dramatic and to give people the wrong idea about what happened to Kaur.

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