New Covid-19 Variant FLiRT in America | See, what are the symptoms and precautions?

New Covid-19 Variant FLiRT in America | See, what are the symptoms and precautions ?

The new variant of Corona in America is spreading very fast. It is seems to be of JN.1 family of omicron, and it is the same Omicron that spread in a big quantity.

It has two new mutations: kp.2 and kp 1.1. It spreads faster than Omak. According to American media reports, this new variant of Corona is found in dirty water. According to scientists, some such mutations have been seen in this new variant, which are worrying, and its cases may increase in many countries including America in summer.

The symptoms of this new variant FLIRT are there may be pain in the body, fever, and in some cases, digestive problems. Whether the patient is infected with the old variant or with this new variant, it is a bit difficult to identify it because the symptoms are similar.

In the new variant, the patient may have a sore throat, cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, muscle pain, fever, and loss of taste or smell. These are its main symptoms, and it is obvious that all these symptoms occur first. Also, they belong to Corona. Let us now know what are the measures of FLIRT. The way to avoid this variant is the same as what is being used in Corona cases earlier. Make sure to use a mask, maintain a distance of two yards, cough or sneeze away from others, and cover your mouth and nose properly.

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