Amit Shah Unveils New Criminal Laws for 2024: Stricter Punishments for Rape and Mob Lynching

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Revamping Punishments for Sexual Offenses

Under the new criminal laws introduced by Amit Shah, perpetrators of gang rape will face a minimum punishment of 20 years or even life imprisonment. Additionally, those convicted of raping minors will be subjected to the death penalty. The laws also establish separate charges for individuals who exploit others while concealing their identities. Furthermore, victims will have the opportunity to provide their statements in the presence of female officers and their family members, creating a more supportive environment for reporting these crimes.

Addressing Mob Lynching for the First Time

In a landmark move, the legislation addresses the issue of mob lynching, defining and penalizing it for the first time. Offenders engaging in mob lynching based on factors such as race, caste, community, gender, place of birth, and language will face significant prison terms, ranging from seven years to life imprisonment, and in severe cases, the death penalty.

Embracing Technological Advancements for Modernization

The new criminal laws incorporate technological advancements to modernize the justice system. With the majority of police stations now computerized, the laws facilitate the digitized presentation of vital documents and evidence, along with the automatic online transmission of case progress to victims. This technological enhancement aims to streamline legal processes and ensure swift access to electronic records and evidence.

Prioritizing Protection and Streamlining Judicial Processes

In addition, the laws prioritize the protection of women and children and seek to streamline judicial processes by setting specific time limits for filing reports and announcing judgments. Victims in long-pending cases will have the opportunity to express their views and seek compensation, marking a significant departure from previous practices.

Comprehensive Language Reforms for Inclusive Justice

The criminal laws encompass comprehensive language reforms to ensure that all individuals, irrespective of their language background, have equitable access to justice. This approach underscores a commitment to inclusive and accessible justice for all. Overall, the introduction of these groundbreaking criminal laws reflects a bold and comprehensive effort to address historical injustices and deliver fair and swift justice for all in India.

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