Raghav Chadha Addresses Youth Concerns Amid Ramchandra Jangra’s Absence

Raghav Chadha
Raghav Chadha (Photo by MONEY SHARMA/AFP via Getty Images)

In a recent meeting, Honorable Ramchandra Jangra was absent, so Honorable Raghav Chadha spoke instead. As the youngest member, Chadha focused on the youth of the nation.

Chadha talked about two different education systems in India. The first, supported by Arvind Kejriwal, has created top-quality schools in Delhi with excellent education and curriculum. This system aims to educate India’s citizens well.

Chadha also discussed problems in the education system, particularly with exams. He mentioned issues with NEET, UG, and UGC NET exams that affect about 3.5 million students. He was worried about frequent paper leaks and cheating, which harm students’ futures.

India has one of the youngest populations globally, with 65% of people under 35. Chadha questioned what is being done for these young people. India has the second-largest student population in the world, with 310 million students in various levels of education.

Chadha criticized the system for not helping young people enough. He compared two “IPL” leagues in India: the Indian Premier League (cricket) and the “Indian Paper League” (problems in the education system).

He listed many scandals and exam paper leaks that have harmed the education system, including the Vyapam Scam, UGC NET Paper Leak, and others.

Chadha criticized the National Testing Agency (NTA) for losing students’ trust. He asked the government five important questions about the NEET exam. The first question was about why 67 students got the top rank this year, which is unusual. The second question was about strange scores given to students, which didn’t make sense mathematically. The final question was about the early announcement of NEET results, which raised doubts.

Another MP responded by talking about the Group D Railway exam, explaining how it was conducted smoothly across many cities and centers. He said 1.11 crore people applied, and 1.5 lakh got jobs without any complaints. The MP asked Chadha to verify his claims and correct any false statements.