Jin’s Big Day: The BTS Star Returns Home from Military Service with Memorable Photos

Jin from BTS is back from the army, and everyone’s talking about it!

Jin, a member of the famous K-pop group BTS, finished his 18 months in the military. He came back, and there were lots of photos of him online from when he left the army. In the pictures, while the other BTS guys were hugging, Jin was standing a bit away by himself.


People on the internet thought these photos were funny. They made jokes like, “Why is Jin standing alone when he’s the one who just got out of the army?” and talked about another BTS member, RM, who showed up playing a saxophone.

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Jin got a big welcome from the rest of BTS, except Suga, who was busy with his own work. Their music company, Big Hit Music, shared some official photos of Jin looking good as always.


Fans and others online are really happy to see Jin again. They’re saying things like, “He’s called ‘worldwide-handsome’ for a reason” and “DADDY’S HOME,” celebrating his return.

Now that Jin’s back with BTS, they’re ready to start new things together. The fans, called the ARMY, can’t wait to see what’s next for Jin and the group.