A Match Made in Bollywood: Sonakshi Sinha & Zaheer Iqbal’s Pre-Wedding Buzz

on June 11, 2024, there’s news that Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are planning to get married on June 23. They are a famous couple in Bollywood, and they’ve kept their relationship quiet for a long time. Now, they’re ready to have a big wedding.

They met at a party thrown by Salman Khan. That’s where they started liking each other. They became friends and then fell in love.

People started talking about them being a couple when they came to a big party together. They looked very happy and close.

They went on a trip to the Andamans, which is a group of islands. They shared pictures where they were very close and looked in love.

Sonakshi posted a special message for Zaheer on his birthday. It was very sweet and showed that they were in love. This post was shared a lot on the internet.

Their wedding is going to be a big event with many famous people. It will be at a place called Bastian in Mumbai.

Their story shows that even famous people can have a private and beautiful love story. They both love movies and each other a lot.That’s the news about Sonakshi and Zaheer. They are getting ready for a new life together, and many people are excited for them.