Barkha Singh’s New Show ‘Lafange’ Starts Filming

Everyone in the movie and TV world is talking about Barkha Singh’s new show, “Lafange”. She has started filming this show that many people are looking forward to. Barkha Singh showed a little bit of what’s happening behind the scenes on her Instagram today.

“Lafange” is being made by Yellow Montage and Amazon Mini TV. It’s expected to be an exciting new show to watch online. The date it will come out hasn’t been shared yet, but people are really looking forward to it, especially after seeing Barkha’s post.

The show will talk about how people in cities deal with their relationships, with some drama and laughs. Barkha Singh is known for being a great actress and is likely to play her part in “Lafange” in a new and interesting way. The people making the show and Amazon Mini TV haven’t shared much about it, but some say the story is about today’s world and will be something people can relate to.

Online streaming services are becoming more popular because they have lots of different shows and movies. “Lafange” is expected to be one of the good ones. Barkha Singh’s role is causing a lot of excitement, and the little look she shared has made people even more eager to see it.

Keep an eye out for more news about “Lafange” and when it will be available to watch.