Mihir Shah Arrested After Confessing to Deadly Worli Hit-and-Run

Mihir Shah Arrested After Confessing to Deadly Worli Hit-and-Run
Mihir Shah

In a surprising twist, Mihir Shah, the main suspect in the Worli hit-and-run case, has confessed to driving the BMW that killed 45-year-old Kaveri Nakhwa and injured her husband Pradeep. The tragic incident happened on a Sunday morning in Mumbai’s Worli area.

According to the police, 23-year-old Mihir Shah fled the scene out of fear. To avoid getting caught, he shaved his beard and cut his hair to change his appearance. His driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, was also involved and gave conflicting statements.

On that day, Mihir’s BMW hit a two-wheeler from behind, trapping Kaveri Nakhwa between the car’s bumper and tire. She was dragged for about two kilometers before she died from her injuries. Pradeep survived but was injured. Shockingly, after Kaveri was thrown off, Mihir switched seats with his driver.

Mihir Shah was caught in Virar after being on the run for two days. The Worli police brought him to court, and he was put in police custody until July 16. The investigation is focused on finding the car’s number plate and seizing his mobile phone. Police have already talked to around 14 witnesses.

Mihir Shah’s arrest happened due to a crucial 15-minute window. The Mumbai police acted quickly, capturing him, who is the son of a Shiv Sena politician. His luxury car had caused the tragic hit-and-run.

Pradeep Nakhwa, Kaveri’s grieving husband, expressed his pain, saying, “Had he shown humanity, my wife would have been alive.” As the legal process continues, the city waits for justice for the victim and accountability for the accused.