Major Breakthrough in NEET Paper Leak: Ranchi Module Traced to Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

NEET Paper Leak
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Many revelations are emerging in the NEET paper leak case. A significant revelation has been made regarding the Ranchi module: it has been revealed that the paper was leaked from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

This booklet, identified by its number, was found by Ossus School in Hazaribagh. Information about the Principal Chairman of this school has also been obtained from Hazaribagh. Bihar’s paper mafia, including Sanjeev Mukhiya and Sikandar, managed to acquire the paper. Sikandar had the paper solved through Amit and Nitish from Bihar. While 13 arrests were made initially, six more arrests have been made in Ranchi, totaling 19. Actions are also ongoing in Gujarat, indicating connections between Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat. This nexus shows how the paper was leaked, involving professors, mafias, and eventually students, with large sums of money recovered. As the investigation progresses, new revelations are emerging daily, with actions now being seen in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Although no official confirmation has been made regarding any of the arrests, Shastri Nagar police station had reported arrests during the first phase when the NEET paper was leaked and conducted. The investigation by OU led to Jharkhand, where six people were arrested from Deoghar, bringing the total number of arrests to 19.

This pattern of operation is reminiscent of the BPSC teacher recruitment examination leak in Bihar on March 15. During that examination, the paper was leaked, and Sanjeev Mukhiya’s son, Dr. Shiv, who studied MBBS at PMCS, was arrested in Ujjain. He was considered the main kingpin in the BPSC teachers’ paper leak case. At that time, a total of 268 candidates and people were detained by the police in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. A case was registered against him, and the rest of the process was carried out.

Hazaribagh’s connection with the Sanjeev Mukhiya gang was already established. When Sanjeev Mukhiya’s name surfaced again, OU, the investigating agency, started working on the same pattern and connections. Hazaribagh, Bihar, Nawada, and Nalanda are considered safe zones for Sanjeev Mukhiya, where he operates freely.

OU focused its investigation on these areas. When OU found the booklet number, which was said to have been allotted to Ossus School in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, it became clear that the booklet number allotment varies across different centers. The booklet number involved in the question paper leak, according to OU’s investigation report to the Union Ministry of Education, was allotted to OS School, Rajari Bagh, which was the center for the NEET examination at that time.

Given this information, it is evident that if this booklet number was leaked, it can be traced back to this school. The role of Sande Dagdh and Ashutosh is significant in this context. This connection to the Sanjeev Mukhiya gang and Hazaribagh is becoming clearer as the investigation progresses, and all individuals involved in the nexus are being gradually exposed.