Ind vs Pak Again? Pakistan Still have a Chance| Super 8 Scenarios for Pakistan After 2 Losses

The Pakistan cricket team is most likely to be eliminated from the Super 8 race. Pakistan lost to the USA, then to India. Now, it seems very difficult for Pakistan to qualify for the Super 8.

Looking at the points table, India currently has 4 points with two wins and is in the first position, followed by the USA with 4 points. Pakistan is in third place with 0 points, and Ireland is in fourth.

If Pakistan wants to qualify for the Super 8, they must first win all their remaining matches with a good run rate. Secondly, either India or the USA, one of these two teams, must lose both their matches.

For example, if India wins their remaining matches and the USA loses theirs, then the USA will have 4 points, the same as Pakistan (if Pakistan wins their remaining matches).

If this happens, then the net run rate will determine which team goes to the Super 8. If Pakistan has a better run rate than the USA, then it is possible for them to qualify.