How to Check TET Results| Latest Updates on (TET and DSC)

How to Check TET Result

Latest Updates TET and DSC

Here are the latest updates on the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and District Selection Committee (DSC) notifications. The TET results are expected to be released today, which is important news for aspiring teachers. Additionally, a detailed notification about DSC job openings across various districts is expected on July 1st.

Combined TET and DSC Exams

The government has announced that the TET and the Mega DSC exams will be held at the same time. This decision is to help students who have finished their Diploma in Education (D.Ed) but not their Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) courses. Notifications for both exams will be released soon. Applications for the Mega DSC will have adjusted dates to fit this new schedule.

Exam Schedule

The TET will be conducted first, followed by the DSC exam. There will be a 30-day preparation period between the two exams. The Mega DSC exam is scheduled for July 1st, with the TET announcements expected around the same time. The previous DSC notification has been canceled, and a new one will be issued for 16,347 posts.

TET Results and DSC Applications

Out of 2.67 lakh candidates who applied for the TET, 2.35 lakh took the exam. The TET results have been postponed due to the election code. Candidates who applied for DSC posts earlier will need to reapply, but they won’t have to pay the fee again.

Annual DSC Exams

The government plans to conduct the DSC exam every year, based on the number of teacher vacancies. This will help address the changing demand for teachers and ensure timely recruitment.

Breakdown of Teacher Posts by District

Here is the number of Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) posts in each district:

  • Srikakulam: 144 SGT posts, total 543 posts.
  • East Godavari: 480 SGT posts, total 1,134 posts.
  • West Godavari: 434 SGT posts, total 1,346 posts.
  • Krishna: 508 SGT posts, total 1,067 posts.
  • Guntur: 501 SGT posts, total 1,213 posts.
  • Prakasam: 124 SGT posts, total 1,159 posts.
  • Nellore: 104 SGT posts, total 672 posts.
  • Chittoor: 946 SGT posts, total 1,478 posts.
  • Kadapa: 298 SGT posts, total 709 posts.
  • Anantapur: 183 SGT posts, total 800 posts.
  • Kurnool: 111 SGT posts, total 1,801 posts.

Overall, there are 2,678 SGT posts available.

Subject-Wise Posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools

There are 14,066 posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools. Here is the breakdown by subject:

  • Telugu: 655 posts
  • Hindi: 536 posts
  • English: 1,086 posts
  • Mathematics: 726 posts
  • Physical Science: 706 posts
  • Biological Science: 957 posts
  • Social Studies: 1,368 posts
  • Physical Education: 1,691 posts

Additionally, there are 6,341 posts in AP Residential Schools, Model Schools, and BC Tribal Schools.

Gurukula Divyanga Posts by Zone

There are 2,281 posts in the Gurukula Divyanga category, distributed as follows:

  • Zone 1: 66 posts
  • Zone 2: 405 posts
  • Zone 3: 355 posts
  • Zone 4: 573 posts
  • State-level: 200 posts

Detailed Vacancy Information

The Andhra Jyoti newspaper has published detailed information about district vacancies. Teachers’ unions are asking for equal importance for both Telugu and English mediums.

How to Check TET Results

For candidates awaiting TET results, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TET website.
  2. Select the “candidate login” option.
  3. Enter your candidate ID, date of birth, and captcha for verification.
  4. Click the button on the left side of the screen to get your TET result.

Your TET result and rank card will be available for download and printing.