Hardik Pandya & Natasa Stankovic Divorce Rumors: Is a part of a PR strategy? Big claim by a user on reddit ! Now deleted

hardik with his wife and son

Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic are going to get divorced ?

Hardik and Natasha are in the news these days regarding their personal life. Meanwhile, it is being claimed on social media about the divorce of Hardik and Natasha that the news of divorce is part of a PR strategy. A user has made a very long post on Reddit and has claimed that the couple themselves have spread the news of their divorce.

On this post, which is going viral on Reddit, the user wrote, “I have heard from close sources that Hardik and Natasha are in an open arranged marriage. They both met through a common friend and right after the world Cup in england, they had a relationship between August 2019 and November 2019. During the relationship, Natasha became pregnant and both of them decided to take their relationship forward. That is why they announced their engagement during the 2020 New Year but due to Covid-19, the marriage did not take place in a grand manner but took place in a simple manner.

It was written further in the post that this sudden first rumor of divorce was also mutual. Divorce is not happening by consent but this rumor was spread as part of Hardik’s PR strategy to gain sympathy after the entire IPL failure and flop show. You can expect that both will issue a joint statement soon.

So now this claim is being made on social media. We are not confirming it. Nothing can be said about the truth in this post until Hardik and Natasha themselves come forward and react to the news of divorce. The news of their divorce will continue to go viral on social media.

About Hardik and Natasha realation :

Both of them got married on May 31, 2020 . This year itself, Natasha gave birth to a son whose name is Agastya pandya. Now, Hardik and Natasha have not been seen together for a long time. This active couple last shared a photo together on February 14. Since then, both have neither been seen together nor shared any photo together on social media.