Uttarakhand Forests in Crisis: Supreme Court Petitioned Over Widespread Fires

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Uttarakhand, where the mountains of Uttarakhand are burning but there is no one to take care but now this matter has reached the Supreme Court. For the last several days, the forests in Dev Bhoomi are burning fiercely. This time, the forests had started burning from the month of April itself. As May approached, the flames of fire broke out in the forests. It is serious; hence a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding this. The petition will be heard today.

The petitioner has talked about the demand of adopting special measures to save the forest from fire and has also alleged that the state government is serious about forest fire. No, during the last 24 hours, new incidents of fire have come to light in the forests of Uttarakhand, in which several hectares of forest area have been burnt to ashes.

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This includes the forests of both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. This year the incidents of fire are five times more than last year. So far, in this fire season, more than 5000 incidents of fire have come to light.