Supreme Court’s Landmark Verdict : EVMs Stay, Ballot Papers Out – What You Need to Know

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The Lok Sabha elections, the Supreme Court gave a tough verdict on EVMs. The Supreme Court said that there will be neither voting through ballot paper in the country nor matching of 100-page VVPAT slips. This decision of the apex court is not only for the petitioners but also for the opposition leaders.

It is a shock that those who kept raising questions on the fairness of elections using EVMs, see what is in the Supreme Court’s decision in this report. The Supreme Court has put a complete stop to the doubts raised on EVMs, which have become an important part of the electoral process of the country, with its order. The Supreme Court has clearly stated in its order that neither the election process of the country will move from EVM to ballot paper nor will there be 100% matching of VVPAT on EVM.

This decision came at a time when voting for the second phase was going on. There is a campaign war for the second phase of elections and every day the opposition is raising questions about the fairness of elections using EVMs, hence PM Modi in the election rally said that Supreme Court referring to the court’s decision, the High Court attacked the opponents.

Today, the Supreme Court has clearly said that the old era of hanging ballot papers will not come back. Today, the Supreme Court has issued a warning to those who intend to loot the ballot boxes. It has given such a deep blow that all their dreams have been shattered. However, in its order, the Supreme Court has also given such a provision that for the first time in the history of the use of EVM, the way for its investigation has been opened.

Supreme Court’s order. According to this, after the election results, parties and candidates will be able to get the EVMs checked. If any candidate has doubts about the results, he can lodge his complaint within seven days. After the complaint, the engineers of the company making EVMs will check it and the expenses will be reimbursed.

Only the candidate will have to bear the cost, if any irregularities are found then the entire expenditure will be refunded. This instruction of the Supreme Court is to make the electoral process completely transparent and for this, the Supreme Court has also instructed the Election Commission to keep the EVMs for 45 days.

The machines should be kept safe so that if there is any complaint, it can be investigated. In fact, after the elections, statements were continuously coming from the opposition parties on EVMs, due to which there was a fear of doubt in the minds of the public that this election is taking place. Narendra Modi ji is trying to match-fix this election.This is his slogan of 400 seats. Without EVMs, without match-fixing, by putting pressure on social media and press and buying it, it is not going to cross 180 seats. On what basis? They are saying that it has crossed 400, they are saying 370 or either they have already done something wrong or they know that they are going to get 400 or not, otherwise how can they say like an astrologer what they are getting.

In response, after the decision of the Supreme Court, the attack from BJP intensified. The fight is long, whatever decision is taken by the Honorable Supreme Court, everyone will accept it in the end and the fight is necessary because there are many countries in the world who are demanding to bring EVM votes in this election because the two-phase elections are over.

Supreme Court’s decision on EVMs in the midst of elections. This is important because there has been continuous politics on this issue. The Election Commission has given clarifications many times but that too has been ineffective.

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