Simplifying PDFs: Adobe’s AI Tool Enhances Document Efficiency

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Acrobat AI Assistant: Adobe introduces AI tool

Adobe is working very fast on its AI tools and the company has also introduced many AI features, now Adobe has taken a step forward in the race of AI. The company has launched its Acrobat AI Assistant. With the help of this AI assistant, users will be able to easily understand digital documents like long PDF articles, etc. Earlier in February, the AI assistant was in beta version and now it is being rolled out for official users. This AI assistant helps many digital users. Has the ability to work on documents.
If we talk about its features, the user can work with an AI assistant.

You can chat and ask questions about the queries related to the document. Apart from this, the AI ​​assistant will also suggest questions based on the PDF content and will answer accordingly. It will prepare the document for the users in just a few seconds. Be it an email, presentation, blog, reports, or any other digital document, this AI assistant not only works through text prompts but also works on voice commands in which users can give voice commands. You can ask questions by giving prompts through Acrobat

For now, AI Assistant is available only for desktop and web users, however, it is currently in beta phase for mobile users. If a user wants to work on the AI features of Acrobat, then they will have to choose a monthly subscription plan. This plan for Starting from 4.99$.