Salman Khan’s heroine Daisy Shah going to marry Shiv Thakre? Daisy shah said…

Long associated with Shiv Thakre, Daisy Shah began her career as a lead actress in Salman Khan’s movie Jai Ho. Though they have both repeatedly denied the rumors, word of their marriage is spreading quickly these days. Daisy’s response on this has just surfaced.

Daisy also explained why there is so much conversation about and why this rumor is going so popular. It is the first time that this rumor has reached marriage, Daisy said during the chat. My relationship with Shiva is excellent; nothing separates us. I had never worked in the industry before, so everything was brand-new to me when this rumor started to spread.

Like when I met Shiv for the first time, he has done a lot of reality shows, so he held my hand and guided me. Shiv consults me for film advice because I have more experience in that field. Connection with Shiv. But Daisy added that we talk about each other a lot, which is why we have such a strong relationship. More sharing makes others wonder if you are dating.

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Daisy mentioned that although she had been cheated in life, she would still marry. I am a very difficult person, which is why I am single till now, Daisy said when asked what kind of partner she wants. I am someone who needs attention, but it is such that attention is both needed and not needed.

Daisy was very clear that she has no relationship with Shiv Thakre; it is only a rumor. Their friendship is strong.