PW’s Founder Alakh Pandey Responds to NTA: It’s Time to Go to Supreme Court

Recently, there have been numerous allegations against the NTA, such as the claim that the NEET paper was leaked a day before the exam. Alakh Pandey, the founder of PW, conducted a live stream in which he discussed the NTA’s response to these allegations. During the live stream, Alakh Pandey said that he would take the matter to the Supreme Court. He also mentioned that he is not satisfied with the NTA, and neither are the students.

Additionally, these allegations are trending on almost every social platform. This year, a total of 67 students received the 1st rank, which seems almost impossible compared to previous years.

Here are the allegations that students have raised against the NTA:

1. Result Date: Why were the results released on June 4th instead of June 14th? The students claim that this was done to prevent the issue from gaining attention due to the elections.

2. Paper Leak: There is a lot of evidence going viral on the internet, including claims that the NEET exam was available on Telegram a day before the exam. According to information on YouTube, the paper leakers sold the question paper at very high rates, in the thousands of rupees.

3. Unusual Marks: Many students received unusual marks, such as 719 and 718, in the results of the 2024 NEET UG, which is mathematically impossible according to marking scheme

4. Six Students from One Center Got 1st Rank: Upon examining the roll numbers of the 1st rank students, it was found that six of them are from a single center.

The NTA has responded to these allegations, but teachers and students are not satisfied with the explanation. The issue may soon be taken to the Supreme Court.