Priyanka Gandhi’s direct challenge to PM Modi in Raebareli…Priyanka Gandhi’s Exclusive Interview

Priyanka Gandhi criticizes PM Modi’s handling of inflation and unemployment, and defends Congress’s developmental work in Rae Bareli. She said that fair elections would limit BJP to under 200 seats due to public anger.

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Indian General Elections, in New Delhi, India, on April 5, 2024. (Photo by Kabir Jhangiani/NurPhoto )

Priyanka Gandhi has been campaigning for brother Rahul for many days. Priyanka is not only involved in the party’s campaign in Rae Bareli and Amethi.

In a conversation, these questions are asked to Priyanka Gandhi:

1st – How is this election of 2024 different after 2014 and 2019? What are the main issues you see in Amethi and Rae Bareli?

Answer by Priyanka Gandhi – “The main issues across the country are that inflation has increased beyond limits. Modi’s policies are not for the poor and he has done nothing to reduce unemployment and inflation. These issues are prevalent across the country. There is an outrage among the public. The public is angry. You talked about 2014, the public talked about 2019. We trusted and had full faith and when we won with an overwhelming majority, the public had a lot of expectations, a lot of promises were made and what we see today is that the Prime Minister of the country, who has the highest post, does not see the level of dignity of the post and he says such things. They are talking on the election platform that buffalo will be stolen or jewelry will be stolen, why is there no talk about my employment, the inflation that people are facing? What have you done, what have you done? What are you going to do? You are talking about buffaloes and stealing the Mangal Sutra, the public is also laughing, wherever I go today the public is laughing and saying. They are being given and the country remains silent when you are not waiving off the loan of a farmer who is committing suicide because he has no money to repay the loan.

This cannot be right after so many allegations. If the Prime Minister in between it is said that these people have got an arrangement with Ambani and Adani, I see, if the Prime Minister is giving clarification today about his big billionaire friends, then what do you think, what do you think about it? I challenge the Prime Minister to talk about public issues once in an election rally, once let him say that we have done this, we want to do this, contest an election without dividing Hindus into Muslims on the basis of religion. But without doing politics, without talking about division, without spreading division and without such useless talk that diverts attention, let’s see on people’s issue, inflation and unemployment, you will not be able to win Rae Bareli.”

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2nd question – The Home Minister had come to Rae Bareli and addressed the public in Rae Bareli and he said that the Gandhi family has spent 70 percent of the money of the Parliament Fund.

Answer by Priyanka Gandhi – “First of all, the money of the Parliament Fund, which is public, where has it gone and where has it not gone, if you take it out, you will know yourself, it will be fine. Also, I have a question for them and that is that this work has been done in Rae Bareli, during the tenure of Sonia ji were Ganga Bridge was built as a railway coach, Factory became Rail Wheel Factory, AIIMS became NIFT, FDDI became Rail Line Doubling Track and Electrification, Lucknow to Varanasi, Four lanes were built here, Ring Road was built from Lucknow to Rae Bareli, Five National Highways were built, Engineering College was built, Rs. 3 crores were given during Covid time. Eight flyovers were built, railway washing line was built, modification of Raebareli railway station was done, 10 railway underpasses were built, roads were constructed from Central Road Fund- (Rae Bareli to Dalmau), (Rae Bareli to Lalganj), (Rae Bareli to Sewri). Yojana was done through an electrification program, motor driving school was started for all the poor families, Spice Park and City Resource Center were started, BJP people closed it. Amit Shah ji, can you tell me one task? What did his party do for Rae Bareli?”

3rd question – One thing you said is that if the Election Commission conducts the elections properly then BJP will not get more than 200 seats.

Answer by Priyanka Gandhi – “Yes, I had said this, of course, I say this with confidence because today I told you that there is anger among the public, you ask the public, what is the mood of the public, what is the public waiting for, the public is fed up with the drama, lies of BJP. Today there are 70 crore youth here those who are unemployed, this has not happened in the last 45 years in the country. Amit Shah ji and Modi ji why are you not talking about this? Priyanka Gandhi also talks about the cylinder, at a time, there was a cylinder of Rs. 400. Today it is Rs. 1200.”