PM Modi Targets Bengal’s Infiltration Issue: TMC and Congress in Crosshairs


When the second phase of voting was going on in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing an election rally in Malda, West Bengal . The Mamata government of the state does not speak a word. PM raised the issue of infiltrators in Bengal, hitting two birds with one stone and took Trinamool Congress and Indian National Congress into the trap.PM alleged that there is appeasement between TMC and Congress in West Bengal. Competition is going on; TMC government brings Bangladeshi infiltrators and settles them in Bengal, makes these infiltrators take over their land and farms, and now Congress is talking about distributing your property in the vote bank.

TMC government brings Bangladeshi Gusis and settles them in Bengal. Congress’s intention is that whoever has money, gold, silver, and land will be captured. Infiltration and appeasement were two big arrows in the quiver of PM Modi who reached Bengal, with which he attacked TMC and Congress and both the opposition parties.TMC and Congress are said to be complementary to each other under the leadership; here they make a show of fighting among themselves but the truth is that the thoughts and conduct of both are similar. Pushkaran is the best in keeping TMC and Congress together. Earlier, PM Modi 16 In April, in Bengal’s Balur Ghat, TMC has been accused of giving Bengal lease to infiltrators, while in the Congress manifesto, PM is raising the issue of distributing public property to infiltrators loudly in his election rallies, to which Rahul Gandhi responded today. Gave from Bijapur, Karnataka, Modi ji has only snatched money from the poor in the last 10 years.

There are 22 people who have as much money as 70 crore Indians have. 40% are controlling the money and the backward Dalits, tribals, poor general caste There is no place for minorities.There are still five rounds left in the battle of 24. On one hand, PM Modi has the challenge of achieving the 400 plus mark, while on the other hand, it is a battle for survival for the India alliance. In such a situation, elections will be held in the coming days.