Over 100 Agents Arrested in connection with visa and passport fraud by Delhi Police

Over 100 Agents Arrested in connection with visa and passport fraud by Delhi Police
Delhi Police arrested 100 fake agents for connection with visa and passport fraud

The Delhi Police have taken significant action against fraudulent travel agents involved in providing fake visas under the pretext of sending people abroad. Over 100 agents have been arrested in connection with visa and passport fraud. This year, the Delhi Police have apprehended more than 100 agents who allegedly facilitated illegal immigration by exploiting various methods of deception.

The arrests span across different states, including Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, and West Bengal. Notably, during the same period in 2023, 51 agents involved in fraudulent activities were apprehended.

Usha Rangnani, the Deputy Commissioner of Police at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), emphasized that the focus has shifted from targeting passengers to holding agents accountable. Approximately 75 Look Out Circulars (LOCs) have been issued for agents who have fled abroad or remain untraceable, ensuring their apprehension upon arrival or departure from India.

These fraudulent agents provide unsuspecting travelers with counterfeit visas that closely resemble genuine ones. Despite the similarities, travelers are often caught during immigration checks at airports or airline counters. The police have also cracked down on agents involved in creating fake travel histories, aiding illegal border crossings, and forging passports.

In addition to the recent arrests, the police have apprehended agents who allegedly arranged fake Indian passports for foreign nationals and engaged in passport tampering. The focus remains on preventing individuals from falling victim to these deceptive agents who exploit their aspirations for better opportunities abroad. Many victims unknowingly become entangled in these schemes, often paying substantial sums obtained from selling property, mortgaging homes, or taking high-interest loans.

The Delhi Police’s efforts have led to the detection and apprehension of agents involved in various scams. By addressing the root causes of these fraudulent activities, they aim to enhance national security and protect travelers from exploitation.