Nokia’s New Phone Technology 2024: Transforming Simple Calls into Real-Time Experiences

Medium shot of businessman listening to colleague during meeting in office conference room

Nokia has made a big step forward with a new kind of phone call that feels like you’re in the same room as the person you’re talking to. This was done by Nokia’s CEO, Pekka Lundmark, and it uses special audio and video to make the call feel real.

The call was made from Nokia’s office in Finland and used a new technology called 3GPP Immersive Voice and Audio Services (IVAS) codec. This makes the sound feel like it’s coming from all around you, which is different from the normal calls we make on our phones.

During the call, you could tell where people were by their voices. This makes it feel more like a real conversation. Jyri Huopaniemi, who works on audio at Nokia, thinks this could change the way we talk to each other, both in our personal lives and at work.

This new technology will be part of the next step in 5G, called 5G Advanced. It’s not just for calls, but also for virtual reality and the metaverse. It works with any device that can connect to the internet, like phones, tablets, or computers.

Nokia is leading the way in making this technology a standard that everyone can use. They worked with 13 other companies to make it. This means that soon, everyone might be able to use this new way of talking to each other.

Nokia is really pushing to make new things possible with this technology. The IVAS codec makes you feel like you’re really there with the person, even if you’re far away.

But, it’s not sure when everyone will be able to use this. Nokia wants to get the rights to use the technology, which means it might take a while before it’s something we all have. This technology could be used for more than just calls; it could be used in businesses and industries too.