New Tinder Scam: Jay Exposed a Scammer | The Clever Response Went Viral

New Tinder Scam: Jay Exposed a Scammer | The Clever Response Went Viral
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Tinder Scam: In today’s world, online dating is a common way for people to meet and form relationships. However, it also comes with the risk of encountering scams. Recently, a man named Jay shared his experience of being targeted by a scammer on Tinder. His quick thinking and clever response turned the tables on the scammer, providing a lesson for others using online dating apps.

Jay met someone named Yami on Tinder. After chatting for a bit, Yami asked to continue their conversation on WhatsApp, giving her number for easier communication. This is a common trick used by scammers to make the conversation more personal and easier to control.

On WhatsApp, Yami quickly asked Jay for a favor, saying she urgently needed ₹1,000 for a short time. She gave him a Google Pay number to send the money. Asking for money in an emergency is a typical scam tactic to take advantage of someone’s kindness.

Instead of sending the money, Jay decided to play along to expose the scam. He sent Yami a fake screenshot showing a failed payment to “Yasmeen,” a name similar to Yami’s but different enough to cause confusion. Jay then asked Yami to send him ₹20 to check if his Google Pay was working. Yami fell for the trick and sent the money, after which Jay blocked her.

Jay shared his story on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), where it quickly went viral. His post included screenshots of the conversation and a picture of a lit cigarette, bought with the ₹20 Yami sent. The caption read, “Scammer got scammed,” highlighting the irony.

People online loved Jay’s story, praising his quick thinking and clever response. Comments ranged from admiration to humor, with some users asking for tips on handling similar situations and others calling Jay a “legend” and a “king.”

While Jay’s story ended well, it reminds us of the dangers of online dating. Not everyone may be as lucky or quick-witted. It’s important to stay alert and cautious when talking to strangers online.

To avoid falling for similar scams, here are some tips: Verify the identity of the person you’re talking to by looking for inconsistencies in their stories and being wary of requests for money or personal information. Keep conversations on the dating app until you’re sure about the person’s intentions. Moving to other platforms too quickly can be a red flag. Report suspicious behavior to the dating app’s support team. They can investigate and take action. Educate yourself about common online scams and tactics used by fraudsters. Knowledge is your best defense.

Jay’s experience shows the importance of staying alert and cautious in online dating. While his clever response turned the tables on the scammer, not everyone may be as lucky. By taking preventive measures and staying vigilant, you can protect yourself from similar scams. If you ever find yourself in an online scam, report it to the cyber cell immediately. You can file a complaint with your local Cyber Crime Cell or online through the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal ( Provide all relevant details, including transaction IDs, emails, and communication with the scammer. The sooner you report the incident, the higher the chances of recovering your money.