NEET Paper Leak: Accused in NEET Case Confesses, What is the Government doing? NTA | Education Ministry

NEET Paper Leak: Accused in NEET Case Confesses, What is the Government doing? NTA | Education Ministry

NEET paper leak 2024: Initially, the Central Government and NTA denied this. However, evidence from Bihar confirmed the leak. Ayush, the first accused, admitted to receiving the paper a day before the exam. Despite this confession, NTA continued to deny the leak.

When questions about grace marks arose, NTA initially denied any irregularities. It was only when the matter reached the Supreme Court that they admitted to potential issues. Students demanded a CBI investigation into the paper leak case, which resulted in 19 arrests.

Ayush confessed to the police that he was given the correct answers to the question paper at a hostel in Patna on May 4th. He and 20-25 other candidates were asked to memorize these answers.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan stated that no evidence of a paper leak was found in the NEET exam and praised NTA as a credible organization. He also mentioned that a re-examination of 1563 children has been conducted.

Patna Police arrested three people in a white duster vehicle based on information received from Jharkhand. These individuals confessed to arranging for the NEET exam and having students at different centers in Patna. They admitted to providing these students with the paper a day before the exam and making them memorize the answers.

In total, 19 people were arrested in Patna, including 14 from Patna itself, four medical students, and one from Purnia. The police are continuing their investigation based on these arrests.

Four medical students from Delhi were arrested in connection with the NEET exam paper leak. Additional arrests were made in Gopalganj, Purnia, and Patna. All arrested individuals have links to Rajasthan.

Previously, it was reported that some girls who took the exam in Sawai Madhur, Rajasthan, were given papers in English instead of Hindi. Despite the rules, one of them managed to take the question paper out of the exam center. This incident raised questions about the examination conducting body, NTA.

The paper leak news from Rajasthan added to the existing evidence. Patna Police have acknowledged the leak and recorded their statement. It’s now up to the National Testing Agency and Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to respond.

NEET aspirants are demanding a re-examination, alleging that the acceptance of grace marks is an attempt to cover up the paper leak.