Lekhpal Fired Over Breakfast Inquiry | As he asked the DM “Where is breakfast?

Lekhpal Fired Over Breakfast Inquiry | As he asked the DM "Where is breakfast?
The newly appointed accountant

A recently appointed lekhpal (revenue officer) in the Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh got their joining letter just five hours ago after the District Magistrate (DM) issued a termination notice. Attended by the DM and a state minister, the new lekhpal’s behavior caused problems during a meeting that resulted in a termination notice As the lekhpal asked the DM about breakfast, stating, “Where is breakfast?” the incident started. The DM answered quickly, and lekhpal’s service was cut off.

One thing is to get a job; another is keeping one’s dignity while in that post. Competence might guarantee the appointment, but maintaining it depends totally on the person. Sometimes little errors or a brief slip of judgment can have long-lasting effects. That was the case in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh.

Joining letters were distributed to lekhpal officials on the collectorate grounds at Atal Sabha Ghar. There were there the District Magistrate Manoj Kumar, local MLA, and Central Minister B.L. Verma. Mahendra, who had been assigned in the Riyonia area of the Sadar Tehsil, was among the 110 recently appointed lekhpals. But during brunch with the minister and the DM, something unplanned happened. Mahendra went up to them claiming prejudice, which resulted in his quick firing.

The lekhpal’s observation on breakfast startled the DM. The lekhpal noted that nothing had been set aside for the other lekhpals even as they were having breakfast. The DM told the lekhpal to sit with the others and enjoy breakfast there since he did not value this boldness. The lekhpal resisted the DM’s direction. The DM sent a clarification note to the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) on the recently appointed lekhpal after the central minister left. The termination process started when the lekhpal responded unsatisfactoryly two days ago. The SDM has already sent the notification stressing that, should compliance fall short, more action will be done.

This event reminds us that in professional environments even apparently little acts can have major effects. It emphasizes the need of keeping professionalism and grace, particularly at pivotal events. Emphasizing the importance of responsible behavior and respect of procedures, the termination notice functions as a warning story for all public personnel.