IPL 2024: Rohit Sharma looks happy, everyone shocked by viral video, Hardik Pandya upset! 

Rohit Sharma was seen smiling after losing . Last evening , Mumbai Indians loss by nine wickets against Rajasthan Royals and after that, something dissimilar was seen because Rohit Sharma was seen smiling in the middle of the field after the defeat of Mumbai Indians. 

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Rohit sharms & Yashasvi jaiswal viral photo

Why is Rohit smiling, today I have brought the truth of one such viral video of Rohit Sharma for you in my report that why was Rohit Sharma smiling after the defeat of Mumbai Indians? Will Rohit Sharma be happy if Mumbai is out of the race for the play-offs?

So now let us tell you what is the real matter. Actually the matter is something like this. It is said that when Mumbai Indians were playing a match against Rajasthan Royals then after the match , the players who played the great innings in the win were Rohit Sharma’s teammates in Team India or we can say most probably its opener Yashasvi Jaiswal. Yashasvi Jaiswal scored an excellent century in this match . He played a brilliant innings of 104 runs in just 60 balls. He scored nine fours and seven sixes. The questions that were being raised on him were silenced to a great extent by Yashasvi Jaiswal .

 And soon after that when Rajasthan Royals won, then Yashasvi first went and hugged Rohit Sharma and this was the occasion which gave a reason to Rohit Sharma to smile, also Rohit and Yashasvi both learned their ABCD of cricket from Mumbai, so this boy has reached the stage where he is performing today. After this,there was a conversation, some part of that conversation has come on social media, a video has gone viral, I will give you a glimpse of that conversation also.

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In this, Rohit Sharma asks Yashasvi Jaiswal that the win of Rajasthan Royals seemed almost certain, it was the last two overs, you were playing at 90 plus, you had the chance to hit a long shot then  Yashasvi Jaiswal said I would have got 100 but 100 was not my aim, my first aim was to remain not out and make the team win the match.

So , Rohit Sharma has now made it almost clear from his conversation and his smile that it is almost clear that in the T20 World Cup The player who will open the innings with Rohit Sharma will neither be Shubman Gill nor Virat Kohli but Yashasvi Jaiswal .