India signed a 10-year agreement with Iran, why is Chabahar Port special ? Its importance for India |

India is going to sign an agreement with Iran for the management of Chabahar Port for the next 10 years. This step is being considered as a historic step.

India signed a 10-year agreement with Iran, why is Chabahar Port special ? Its importance for India |
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This will open a new trade route between South Asia and Central Asia via Iran. Port Shipping and Waterways Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has left for Iran to sign this agreement. This is the first time that India is opening a port in a foreign country. Chabahar Port is being seen as India’s main connectivity link to Afghanistan, Central Asia and the larger Eurasian region.

There are plans to connect Chabahar to the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) Which connects India to Russia through Iran.

Why chabahar port is important ?

Chabahar is connected to the Gulf of Oman. This is the first deep water port of Iran which connects this country to the sea trade routes around the world. This port is on the border of Iran with Pakistan, located in the west. Pakistan has its own Gwadar Port which has been prepared by China. Through this agreement, the aim of both the countries is to finish the Chinese presence in the maritime area. Chabahar is an important link between India and Iran. It was also a maritime port at that time when the West imposes any kind of restriction.

Chabahar is also important for India because now it will be easier for India to bypass Pakistan for maritime trade. This is because Pakistan is not allowing India to do business in Afghanistan and Central Asia. Chabahar I is also a part of INSTC which is a multimodal transportation project. This project connects the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through Iran to the Caspian Sea and to Northern Europe through St. Petersburg in Russia.

It is a 7200 km long network of ships, rail and roadways that connects cargo. Chabahar is an important part of it. The International North- South Transport Corridor includes India, Iran, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Central Asia and Europe. Trade movement between India, Iran and Uzbekistan and Consensus has already been reached on joint use of Chabahar Port to increase regional connectivity.The three countries also used the port for humanitarian aid during the Covid-19 pandemic. In April, the Ministry of External Affairs in Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal India Ports Global’s proposal to take over the operation of Satwe Port was approved. According to experts, Sonowal’s visit to Iran in the busy election environment shows the importance of this agreement.

After this agreement, India will get the license to operate this port. Also, India has given money for the expansion of this port. This agreement is also important because it is happening amidst the West Asia crisis.

An agreement was signed on Chabahar during Modi’s visit to Iran in 2016. In 2018, when the then President of Iran Hassan Rouhani came to India, the issue of increasing India’s role in the port was raised prominently. In August last year, South Even at the BRICS summit held in Africa, the issue of Chabahar was raised prominently in the conversation between PM Modi and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

In January 2024, when External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was in Tehran, this issue was also raised. New long-term agreement between the two countries. The new agreement will replace the original deal, will be valid for 10 years and will be extended automatically.

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In the original agreement, India got the responsibility of operating the Shaheed Bashti terminal of Chabahar port and it is renewed every year. Kazakistan and Uzbekistan Like the resource-rich Central Asian countries want to use Chabahar to reach the Indian Ocean region and the Indian market, this port will also be convenient for Indian businessmen and investors interested in doing business in Central Asia.

Pakistan also wants that Central Asia Countries of India should use Karachi port to reach the Indian Ocean region. However, India says that Chabahar will prove to be better for Central Asian countries.