In council schools, there will be exams 4 times a year from 2024-25

In council schools, there will be exams 4 times a year from 2024-25
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Exciting Changes for Council School Students!

Starting this academic year, students from classes 5 to 11 in council schools will undergo assessments four times a year. This new schedule includes sessional tests in August and December, half-yearly exams in October, and annual exams in March.

Why the Change?

Due to the pandemic, evaluations were limited to twice a year. Three years ago, only sessional tests were conducted because of the outbreak. Now, the Department of Basic Education is resuming the full schedule of assessments, ensuring students are evaluated more frequently.

New Directives from the Education Department

On Wednesday, the Directorate General of the Education Department instructed the District Basic Education Department to prepare for these quarterly assessments. Additionally, special “Shiksha Chaupals” will be set up to help students struggling in subjects like English and Mathematics after the holidays.

Parent-Child Chaupals Every Saturday

Every Saturday, schools will host a Chaupal where parents and children can participate together. These sessions aim to track the child’s progress and raise awareness about the importance of education.