Gunshots Fired Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Residence: Bike Used for Firing Recovered



The big story we are focusing on is the multiple gunshots fired outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence early this morning. This incident took place at around 5:00 a.m. today when two unidentified men on a motorcycle fired several rounds in the air, out of which one bullet hit the second floor of his apartment, while the other bullet entered his balcony. Mumbai police and forensic team are investigating the matter. According to the latest details, the shooters hail from outside Maharashtra.

Maharashtra CM speaks to Salman Khan following the incident

Taking cognizance of the incident, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had a telephonic conversation with the actor himself. Meanwhile, politics has broken out over this entire incident. Shiv Sena leader Anand Dubey took a dig at the Akat Chind government over the Law and Order situation in the state.

Police Investigation

Bike used in firing recovered by Mumbai police The police have recovered the bike used for firing in the Salman Khan case. considering this is a big breakthrough, it was just around 4:50 am when two people, who were on this bike wearing a helmet, had fired at Salman Khan’s residence. In fact, one of the bullets had gone inside his gallery as well. Mumbai police sources confirm that they have found the bike which was used for firing. However, they have not been able to trace the other two people as of now. Of course, the FIR registration is in process, wherein there will be an FIR registered under the Arms Act, and 307 section of the IPC is what we understand from our Mumbai police sources.

15 teams investigating the case

The investigation is currently on, and there are 15 teams who are investigating this case both from Mumbai police as well as from the Crime Branch. Now, considering that the bike has been recovered, it was, in fact, said that the bike was taken all the way out from here out from BZA and then taken towards the Western Express highway. But now, with the help of that bike, they’ll be able to piece together evidence and try and reach the two people who had fired at Salman Khan’s residence. There were four bullets which were fired, one was a life cartridge, and the traces of these bullets have been taken. Forensic examination is on, and in fact, the forensic team had also gone to Salman Khan’s residence to understand and find where the bullet had hit.

Is there any indication that there could actually be more people behind this?

Absolutely, yes. In fact, these two shooters would be working on the pretext or on the context of one person who would have asked them to do this. But as of now, cops are still trying to understand because before this as well, if you understand, Salman Khan’s father Saleem Khan had received this threat when he had gone for a morning walk from Lawrence Bishnoi gang. So here, Mumbai police is also trying to investigate on those angles as to who was, in fact, the person who asked these two people to come and shoot at Salman Khan’s residence. All of these earlier threats are also being taken into account by Mumbai police when they investigate this case. Of course, these two people who had come and shot at his residence were just people who were working on someone’s instruction, but who it is, does this have any links to the threat that Salman Khan received from Lawrence Vishnoi or earlier such threats is something that Mumbai police is still investigating. But they’ve still not confirmed as to who really is behind this. Only once the two people who had fired at Salman Khan’s residence, once they are caught or once people linked to them are caught, is where all of these pieces of evidence would be linked further. So, as of now, of course, there have been speculations that have been raised, and cops are investigating all of those lines, but the two people had fled from outside Bandra.