Drug Manufacturing Labs Raided, Rs. 300 Crores Worth of Drugs Seized

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In a joint operation conducted by NCB and ATS, Gujarat Police has busted several drug manufacturing labs. In this joint operation, the crackdown on the drug manufacturing lab. This action was taken in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Raids have been conducted on three hi-tech labs here, drugs worth Rs. 300 crores have been seized from these.

According to the information, more raids are going on at another place from where drugs are likely to be recovered. 50 kg Adrine in powder and liquid form and 200 liters of Acetone have been seized. According to NCB, ATS Gujarat Police had received information that Meb Drones are being secretly made in Madrone Labs in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

A joint team of DS Gujarat Police and NCB Headquarters Operation Unit was formed to crack down. In this operation that lasted for more than 3 months, the people involved in this network as well as the locations of secret labs were identified and intensive technical and ground surveillance was also maintained.

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On April 27, at around 4:00 am, a joint team of ATS, Gujarat Police and NCB simultaneously raided Meen Mal Riya in Jalore district of Rajasthan and also raided Jodhpur in Rajasthan and Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat. In this action taken, 139 kg Mefro, 50 kg Adrenaline, and 200 liters of Acetone have been recovered. Till now, seven people have been arrested in this case and the mastermind has been identified on the basis of inter Another place has been identified in Amroli i.e. Gujarat, raids are going on here and there are hopes of recovery of more drugs. According to NCB Deputy Director Operations Gyaneshwar Singh, the leader of this network has been identified.