Dinesh Prabhu Predicts Higher NEET Cutoffs for Premier Tamil Nadu Medical Institutions| NEET 2024 cutoff

Dinesh Prabhu Predicts Higher NEET Cutoffs for Premier Tamil Nadu Medical Institutions| NEET 2024 cutoff
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Students who are looking forward to joining medical colleges in Tamil Nadu are eagerly waiting for the NEET 2024 cutoff scores to be announced. Dinesh Prabhu, who is well-known for his knowledge in medical education, has given a detailed prediction of the scores needed to get into top private medical colleges in the state.

Prabhu’s analysis shows that the cutoff marks might go up a little this year. He noticed that many students from Tamil Nadu have scored more than 600 marks, which is a significant achievement considering the highest possible score is 720. This means that colleges like Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, which usually takes in students with very high scores, might increase their cutoff marks.

CMC Vellore is famous for being excellent and having high standards. It is one of the best medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. They reserve 30% of seats for Christian students and last year, the cutoff mark to get in was 677. This year, it might go up by about 40 marks. So, students who want to get into CMC Vellore should aim for a score between 700 to 705.

The fees for seats under the government quota at these respected colleges are between INR 420,000 to INR 475,000. Prabhu suggests that students and parents should keep up with the latest information by following his YouTube channel and joining his WhatsApp group.

Other well-known private medical colleges like Velammal Medical College in Madurai and Lakshmi Srinivasan Medical College in Perambalur are also expected to be popular choices because they have a good reputation and offer quality education.

Prabhu doesn’t just talk about cutoffs and fees; he also gives advice on how to plan for a career in medicine, whether you want to study in Tamil Nadu or go abroad. He stresses that it’s important to plan well and get good guidance because getting into medical college is very competitive.

He has created a Google form for those who want more personal help and invites people to contact him directly for expert advice on how to get into the best private medical colleges.

Google form link – https://forms.gle/FkHjAC2guFeBJ7r79

As the NEET exam gets closer, students should work hard and stay informed about the latest news on cutoff scores and how to get into college. With advice from experts like Prabhu, they can make better plans for their studies and improve their chances of getting into some of the best medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.