Dhruv Rathee on Shiksha Mantri, a PR of Modi, said, ‘There is no tweet of NEET controversy on his X account.

Dhruv Rathee on Shiksha Mantri, a PR of Modi, said, 'There is no tweet of NEET controversy on his X account.
Dhruv criticized the Indian Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, in his recent video.

Dhruv Rathee recently shared a video on his YouTube channel about the NEET 2024 controversy. In the video, Dhruv Rathee on Shiksha Mantri, Dharmendra Pradhan, stated that he is a PR of Modi and said, ‘Dharmendre Pradhan has never posted a single tweet on education on his Twitter account.

Students are continuing their protests against the NEET exam results, alleging it to be a scam and demanding the cancellation of the exam. Also questioning how there can be six toppers from the same exam center. Meanwhile, opposition parties are also consistently highlighting this alleged fraud.In this, the new Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, made a statement that has shocked everyone.

Dharmendra Pradhan recently made a statement without any investigation, asserting that no scam has taken place and accusing the Congress of unnecessarily defaming the government.Dhruv Rathee has strongly responded to his statement in his recent video on the NEET 2024 scam.

Dhruv Rathee on Shiksha Mantri

“Dhruv Rathee has given a strong critique of this statement by Dharmendra Pradhan. Rathee said, ‘If you check the social media account of the Education Minister, you’ll notice that Modi’s PR Minister is more visible than the Education Minister himself. Every effort has been made to promote PM Modi. From top to bottom, it’s all about Narendra Modi. Modi is mentioned in every other tweet, sometimes as Modi 3.2, sometimes as Modi this or that. But if you come across any tweet regarding the NEET exam, let me know. Perhaps that’s why he was made the Education Minister. You won’t find a single tweet or post by Dharmendra Pradhan on NEET, raising this question.

MP Gaurav Gogoi also released a statement saying, “There should be an investigation into this scam, as the future of lakhs of children who have appeared for the NEET exam is in danger due to this manipulation. There needs to be a CBI investigation. Education Minister Pradhan ji is silent today on this CBI investigation. He refuses to address this issue. By assigning the responsibility of the investigation to the agency under whose leadership this entire scam took place (referring to NTA), are we to believe that the NTA can impartially investigate it? If exam centers have received any hints from coaching centers, then surely some NTA official or officer is involved. Where is the Prime Minister in all of this? While he is busy with oath-taking and foreign tours, he used to extensively discuss exams before the Lok Sabha elections, providing guidance to children. But today, the biggest scam has occurred regarding the NEET exam. Why is Prime Minister Modi not addressing the issue of the exam today? The Congress party once again demands a legal CBI inquiry into this matter.”

So, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has labeled the NEET exam as a scam, directing criticism towards the Modi government and demanding an investigation. On the other side, the government has refuted these claims, asserting that the Congress is unjustly tarnishing its image.

Without conducting any investigation, Dharmendra Pradhan declared that there is no scam, despite numerous questions being raised. It is questionable for six students from one examination center to top the exam. Yet the new Education Minister has given a clean chit without investigation.

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