David Warner’s Humorous Ad Goes Viral: Indian Fans Say He’s ‘Half Indian, Half Australian

Australian cricketer David Warner made Indian fans happy by dressing up as Pushpa Raj from the movie “Pushpa.” This character was first played by Allu Arjun, a famous actor. Warner wore the costume and did the hand move from the movie to help sell a product in an ad. The ad became very popular.

Allu Arjun liked Warner’s version and showed it with emojis on social media. Fans liked this too and shared the ad a lot.

Warner has shown his love for Indian movies before by dancing and lip-syncing to Indian songs. He also uses lines from “Pushpa” when he plays cricket.

Fans enjoy how Warner includes Indian culture in his posts. They joke that he should have been born in India.

The ad shows how Indian movies are becoming popular around the world.

Pushpa 2

People are looking forward to more from Warner, especially since a new “Pushpa” movie is coming out on August 15.

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