Danger of bird flu looms again,2196 birds killed in Ranchi. Bird flu in Ranchi

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Once again the danger of bird flu is looming. Jharkhand government has issued a warning after cases of bird flu were found in a poultry farm in the state. Due to bird flu in a poultry farm here, about 2196 birds including 1697 chickens egg were destroyed . The chickens were procured from Bhubaneswar in this farm opened nine months ago.

When their samples confirmed bird flu, then this step was taken. Instructions have been given to implement comprehensive measures to prevent this. Officials have been instructed to nominate a radius of 1 kilometer around the infected area and also keep a strict vigil in the surrounding 10 kilometer radius.

Apart from these, an appeal has also been made to the public to immediately share information about any dead bird as soon as they see it.