Congress government will be formed in Haryana after Lok Sabha elections? Bhupinder Hooda made a plan.

Congress government will be formed in Haryana after Lok Sabha elections? Bhupinder Hooda made a plan.

Congress has started preparations to form the government in Haryana. Congress leaders claim that there will be rebellion in BJP MLAs. The countdown of BJP government in Haryana has started along with Congress.

The government led by Nayab Singh Saini will not be able to complete its tenure. However, the BJP government led by Saini has already lost the majority. Right now the Lok Sabha elections are going on; in such a situation, even if the BJP government does not call the assembly session under the guise of elections, but after the Lok Sabha elections, the assembly session will also have to be called, and the majority test of the government will also take place.

In fact, in Haryana, the Lok Sabha session will be held. Amidst the elections, three independent MLAs suddenly withdrew their support from the BJP government. The names of these three MLAs include Somveer Sangwan, Randhir Golen, and Dharampal Godar. All three MLAs withdrew their support from the BJP and extended support to the Congress.

At present, two seats are vacant in the 90-member Haryana Assembly. Manohar Lal Khattar and Ranjit Chautala had resigned from the post of MLA due to the Lok Sabha elections, hence at this time, the Assembly is vacant. The number of members in the party is 88, and the majority figure is 45, while BJP currently has 40 MLAs. The government still has the support of two independents and Haryana Lokhit Party leader Gopal Kanda; hence the government has the support of only 43 MLAs left. JJP leader Dushyant Chautala told Congress to bring a no-confidence motion. JJP will support it.

On the other side, Congress has 30, JJP has 10, four independents, and INLD has one MLA, that is, the majority is with the opposition. Meanwhile, about 15 to 20 MLAs of BJP are angry with the party and are ready to change sides if needed. Also, JJP’s six MLAs are said to be in contact with Hooda. Along with four independent MLAs, Congress’s number of MLAs is easily seen crossing the 50 mark.

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when Manohar Lal Khattar was in power in Haryana, on 22nd February, Congress passed a no-confidence motion against the Khattar government. On March 12, Nayab Singh Saini became the CM of Haryana and instead of getting the trust vote, he voted on the no-confidence motion of the Congress in the House. According to the constitutional rules, if the government presents a confidence motion and is successful in it, then the opposition can bring a no-confidence motion only after 15 days, but once the opposition party presents a no-confidence motion and is unable to topple the government, then the second no-confidence motion can be presented only after 6 months; in such a situation, if the Governor wants, he can ask the government to present a confidence motion but the background of Haryana Governor Bandaru Dutta Ray is RSS and BJP. Also, Bhupendra Singh Hooda BJP has already intensified its preparations, the only wait is for the Lok Sabha elections.

If India Alliance forms the government at the Centre, a new Governor can be appointed in Haryana. Meanwhile, BJP is also preparing for manipulation to save its government. But it is clear that seeing the way BJP candidates are facing opposition from farmers in the elections, no MLA from the opposition party seems ready to go with BJP.