CBI Uncovers 7 Pistols, Including Foreign and Police Variants, in Sandesh Khali Raid


CBI’s statement on search operation has come out. Three foreign and one Indian revolver have been recovered. CBI has also recovered one police revolver, one foreign pistol, and one Indian pistol. 120 bullets of 9 mm have also been recovered. 4550 cartridges have also been recovered, three foreign and one indigenous revolver have been recovered.
These are all the weapons which have been recovered by CBI today and after that NSG also reached the spot. On search empty, this statement of CBI has come up. All the weapons that have been recovered.

After the attack on the official, the CBI team today raided two places in Sandesh Khali and during that raid, a total of seven pistols, including Indian, foreign, and police pistols, along with 348 cartridges were recovered.

Many country-made bombs were also found by CBI during the search which were rejected by NSG bomb squad and all these things and some incremental documents have been recovered by CBI which has taken all these in its possession. Where did the things come from, what was their source and in what manner were they used, when the ED officials were attacked, when they were used, CBI has done all the seizure regarding this . The people detained for this will be interrogated as to where the police came to possess the key, whether they had looted it from any police officer or policeman or had given it to them for their own use.

The investigation is being done by CBI. There are seven pistols which include foreign pistols and also police pistols and 348 cartridges which were recovered by CBI and some indigenous bombs also. For complete updates follow newsify ! thanks !