2024 Gallup Report: Only 14% of Indian workers are happy| A Detailed Look at Workers’ Well-Being and Job Satisfaction Around the World”

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The 2024 Gallup report looked at how happy and engaged workers are around the world. It asked over 128,000 people from more than 160 countries about their mental health and job satisfaction.

Global Job Happiness

The report found that only 34% of workers globally are happy in their jobs. Most others, 58%, are having a tough time, and 8% are really struggling. Happy workers tend to have fewer health issues and feel more hopeful and respected.

Jobs in India

In India, only 14% of workers are happy, which is much lower than the global average. This shows that it’s important to help Indian workers feel better at work.

Countries with the Happiest Workers

The report shows that workers are happiest in some European countries. Finland is at the top, with 83% of people feeling good about their jobs. Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands also have a lot of happy workers. These countries are known for protecting workers’ rights, which seems to help people feel better at work.

There’s an interesting difference between places with strong worker rights and high job engagement. Europe has strong rights but low engagement, while the US has less protection but more engagement. This means that both rights and feeling involved in work are important for happiness.

Changes After the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed what people want from their jobs. Now, they look for jobs that make them happy and give them a sense of purpose, not just money.

Advice for Companies

The Gallup report suggests that companies should:

1- Make workers feel appreciated.

2- Help them grow and learn.

3- Pay them fairly.

4- Balance work and life.

5- Support their mental health.

6- Make sure everyone feels included.

The Gallup report tells companies that making sure workers are happy and involved .This report can help companies make a better workplace for everyone.